Measuring What Matters in Mobile World

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Case study:

Huawei Poland, Dec-2016 (Christmas campaign)

Źródła danych:

Facebook internal data, Nielsen Poland / GfK, Huawei


Application of marketing science for optimization of creative, and brand outcomes measurement based on people-based lift / experimental design

Opis wystąpienia:

Video is exploding and video consumption is exponentially increasing on mobile in Poland and globally.
  • What does this mean for advertisers? This means mobile device is where people are watching all kinds of videos, including TV commercials; in feed based environments. With these trends, one would assume brands would most definitely create for mobile first. But not always.
  • What does it mean for measurement professionals? Traditional methods of research have challenges in video mobile world, and there is wider need to evolve in the measurement industry to consider metrics that matter and scientific methodologies. We showcase a case study of application of scientific brand lift based on experimental design that informs the right creative for mobile devices.
  • Behavior changes in mobile-first world & video consumption trends in mobile feed
  • People based measurement (lift) & scientific creation of control group, single and multi-cell experimental design to measure brand and business outcomes
  • Huawei Poland case study, application of this research